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SAXsational invites local school and community concert bands and jazz bands to share the stage with Rob as they explore a repertoire of beautifully orchestrated arrangements that showcase the musical talent of the students in your community.  The show utilizes a variety of saxophones ranging from a tiny curved sopranino up to a 6 ft tall contrabass and features published and custom musical arrangements suited for most high school and community bands. Throw in a few songs associated with the sax such as “Tequila”, “Pink Panther”, and “Yakety Sax” just for fun and you’ve got an educational, historical and entertaining presentation that puts your local musicians center stage.

A typical formal concert may include some songs with concert band, some with jazz band, a couple specialty sax duet, quartet, and quintet selections and even a song or two performed just by the host band to show off their talents.  In addition to creating an opportunity for young students to work directly with a professional musician, Saxophobia entices parents, grandparents and siblings to attend the performance, thus exposing the arts presenters programming to a potentially new audience and increased ticket sales.

All musical selections can be viewed on a special password protected website which allows band directors to review scores and parts, print parts, and listen to audio samples.


Here is a partial list of musical selections offered:


Sensational Sax Selections (medley including Tequila, Pink Panther and Yakety Sax)
Stompin’ At The Savoy  (contrabass sax feature)
Saxophobia  (sopranino sax feature)
Come Sunday (alto sax feature)
Over The Rainbow  (connosax feature)
Stardust  (tenor sax feature)
Gabriel’s Oboe  (connosax feature)
Variations on a Theme by Schumann  (bass sax feature)
Night In Tunisia  (sax section feature)
What A Wonderful World
Tubas On The Run
Cartoon Symphony


Four Brothers  (sax quintet)
Star Wars Cantina Band  (sax quartet)
The Charleston  (sax quartet)


No Greater Love
Mood Indigo
Fly Me To The Moon
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
My Romance
How High The Moon
Blue Bossa
What Is This Thing Called Love
Over The Rainbow


There are many musical selections available to program during our formal concert presentation. These selections are some of my favorites and feature a nice variety of interesting and unique saxophones. This is, however, simply a guide to get you started.

ACT 1: Jazz Band
1. Opening selection by jazz band
2. No Greater Love, Love Is Here To Stay, Lady Is A Tramp, or My Romance (tenor)
3. Stardust, Over The Rainbow, or My One And Only Love(connosax)
4. Don’t Get Around Much (bari sax feature)
5. The Entertainer, Silent Saga or 4 Brothers (Sax quartet or quintet feature)
6. When I Fall In Love (alto sax feature)
7. Mood Indigo (slide sax feature)
8. Ben’s Blues (tenor. opportunity for students to take improvised solos)

ACT 2: Concert Band
1. Opening selection by concert band
2. Come Sunday (alto feature)
3. Saxophobia (curved sopranino feature)
4. sax duet, quartet, or quintet
5. Gabriel’s Oboe
6. Concert band feature number
7. Stompin At The Savoy (Contrabass sax feature)
8. Sensational Sax Selections (great closing medley on tenor sax)

option to add 2nd band only song somewhere in the middle of first half


Sensational Sax Selections (special edited version):
“Saxophobia” (sopranino sax feature) 
“Gabriel’s Oboe”  (connosax feature)
“Come Sunday”  (alto sax feature)
“Variations on a Theme by Schumann  (bass sax feature)