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This CD features 14 different saxophones representing a variety of jazz styles.  Most of the musical selections are accompanied by a rhythm section of piano, bass and drums.  This professional Los Angeles studio recording is complete with 10 pages of liner notes, photos, and vintage advertising from the original manufactures.


Musical Selections Include:

Saxophobia: Dolnet curved sopranino 

Dixie: Conn bass

Trumbology: King C Melody

Little Suede Shoes: Grafton plastic alto 

Cute: Evette & Schaeffer contrabass 

Body & Soul: Conn-O-Sax

Four Brothers: Buescher straight alto (Overdubbed into a sax quintet) CLICK HERE TO HEAR SAMPLE

Mood Indigo: Mellosax curved slide sax

Walkin’ Shoes: Selmer MarkVI baritone

Take 5: Selmer Mark VI alto

My Favorite Things: Buescher tipped- bell soprano

Shaker Song: Selmer alto

Sax Hits Medley: King C Melody & Keilwerth straight tenor

(My Three Sons,Tequila, Pink Panther Theme)

Running Time: 56 minutes

Musicians: Rob Verdi, saxophones, Curtis Brengle, piano, Bruce Lett, bass, Paul Johnson, drums, Vince Verdi, clarinet, Greg Varlotta, trumpet, Roger Bissell trombone, Larry Giannecchini, guitar.

Recorded: 2007